Water Lovers: Hey, It's Wet Here!

Well, we've seen how a lack of water can be a real challenge for most tundra plants. However, limited areas of the alpine tundra can be soaking wet all summer! In places, snowmelt collects in shallow depressions or spongy meadows, and special tundra plants live here.

What do you think would happen to most alpine tundra plants if they tried to grow in areas that were soaking wet all summer?

Look for wet areas and the special plants that grow there when you visit the tundra, but keep your boots dry!

You can see sunlight reflecting off of water in this wet alpine meadow. Willows and grassy-looking sedges inhabit these areas, as do other specialized water-loving flowers.


White Marsh Marigolds love wet areas!


The Globeflower also likes soggy soil.


Ellephantella (or Elephant's Head) can be found in moist alpine tundra soils. Can you see how this beautiful flower got its name?

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