Skip the Seeds: Jump Start Growth!

Many summers on the tundra are too short, dry, and/or cold for plants to grow seeds. One way you've seen that plants deal with this is by growing back year after year to keep trying. (Remember that these are called perennials.)

Another cool strategy that some tundra plants use is to reproduce without using seeds! Some tundra plants can spread by their roots. Others send out runners that grow new plants on their ends that eventually take root and grow. And one neat plant that you'll see below can drop off live, miniature plants that are ready to grow on their own!

This Parry Clover can reproduce by sending out runners. A small new plant forms and takes root at the end of the runner and pretty soon there's another Parry Clover growing! You may have seen strawberry plants in your garden spreading this way.


This Alpine Bistort can form miniature plants along its stem that drop to the ground ready to grow. Ready for a neat word? This method of reproduction is called "viviparity."

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