While plants are the easiest living things to observe on the tundra, you should also be able to see animals above the treeline. It is worth remembering that animals must consume plants or other animals to survive. So don't just look for furry mammals on your visit- keep an eye out for birds and insects, too!

Some insects, birds, and mammals are common and very active and therefore easy to find. But to find some of the secretive or rare animals you will have to be very observant and lucky!

You can increase your odds of finding interesting animal life on the tundra if you are quiet, move slowly, and are patient. A pair of binoculars can be very helpful for seeing distant animals. Some of these animals are permanent residents of the tundra, and others are seasonal visitors.

As you find animals on the tundra, think about the special adaptations that allow them to survive the harsh conditions above treeline.

Click on the photo below to begin investigating some special adaptations of tundra animals.