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Middle Fork Rapids

Rapids are hard to photograph from a solo cataraft outfit, but when I could I eddied out and tried to get some shots. Here are some samplers from a few of the Middle Fork's best: Pistol Creek, Tappan Falls, Haystack, and Hancock rapids. Lots more pics of each boat are in the picture index page.

Pistol Creek Rapid:

(Thanks for the photos of me, Dave!)

Entrance Move 

Ease Off the Pillow 

Pull Off the Cliff

Tommy and Joe show us the way...

Hard left!

Now right and you're there.


Nancy and Dennis executing a nice spin off the pillow.


Rick getting it done.

Ken and Molly emerge triumphant.

 Dave getting some elevation on his tubes.

Dave and his raft babes.

Dan making it look easy.

Fred paddling through.

Greg riding the wave train.

Looks like Jay is going to make it!

Tappan Falls: (This one almost got me!)

Everything looking good.

Houston, we have a problem.

Why are my arms so tired?

Dan demonstrating his scouting expertise.

Dave about to go over.

Dave hiding a 16' cataraft in the hole.


Ken & Molly washing the boat.

Rick wetting down Brian and Tim.

Tommy taking time to smile for the camera.

Annette dropping in.

Fred bracing.

Joe tries the left sneak (successfully!)

Greg accelerating over the lip.

Jay between a rock and a hard place.

Sandy, fresh off the plane, powers through.

Haystack Rapid:

Scout this one- it has changed and ate a 16' cataraft with all its gear ten days before our trip.

Hancock Rapid:


Dan buries his boat in the last big rapid.

Rick showing us the bottom of his boat.

Nancy powers on through.

 Dave following up.

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